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Re: RC: RE: Panecur Granules

I agree that the liquid was still cheaper, at least in my area.   Also, at 
least from my vet there was a significant difference in cost for greater 
volume.  The liquid was .17 cents per ml for <1000 ml, or .l3 cents/ml for 
1000 ml or greater. 35-40 ml per dose x 5 days, max dose is 200ml 
per horse per treatment.   That make for five full courses in a 1000ml 
bottle, which was $130.00, or $26.00 per course of treatment.   Unless of 
course I did something peculiar w/the math  :-))   The "double dose" is 

The liquid is pretty easy to use for horses that are accustomed to being 
syringed anyway, but it's definitely not as easy as the granules.

pat farmer

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