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Re: Re: a nickel tour of gait biomechanics

I don't think anyone in the vicinity of a fast moving elephants WANTS to stop and look carefully!!! <vvvvbg>
Reminds me of a comment I got from someone here at work yesterday, I am riding at the South African ride in the "Lion and Rhino" reserve this weekend, a friend here in the office asked if I know what to do when I see a rhino, I said RUN!!!!! <vbg>, your supposed to stand still as rhinos don't have very good eyesight, but what I thought was hilarious is who's going to tell my horse this!!!!! I somehow don't think she is going to fall for the "stand-still-if-you-see-a-rhino" idea!!! <vvvvbg>
Celeste (South Africa)
Snowy (I don't CARE if they're related!!!)
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I have seen "elephants" move really really fast....Cora-----
Well, I'm not sure if that's the take-home message I wanted to leave everyone with <g>, but yeah, elephants can move fast.  But if you look closely, it's still an extension of a four-beat gait, pretty much a run-walk like a gaited horse.  They don't trot or canter. 
Susan G

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