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Re: RE: Panecur Granules

Title: RE: Panecur Granules
You said that you give two packets per feeding. The instructions indicate one packet for each 500 lbs. That would be two packets for the normal dose but the "Panacur Purge" would be twice the normal dosage for five days. That would be four packets for each horse for five days or 20 packets per horse. KV Vet supply sells the granules for anyone who may be interested. At $1.99 per packet or $40 per box, there is quite a savings from purchasing from your vet.
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Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 5:30 PM
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Once you get the big 290cc paste “gun” it’s still cheaper to do it by paste – around $38 bucks for a course of treatment.  Can’t argue about the convenience of granules, though.  I think that Karen and Susan mentioned the liquid as being even cheaper.


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