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I have been waiting for someone to answer the Biltmore questions,
since there were literally hundreds of people there, but I guess
you will need to suffice with what little information I can give
you.  These aren't exact numbers, by any means, but a general
idea.  There were 75 50's, with 52 or so completing.  There were
120+ 25's with 80+ finishing.  I believe Valarie K won the 50 and
got the BC.  To be honest, I wasn't paying as much attention to
who got the awards, as the awards themselves.  Ann Stuart (in
her abundant spare time???) made some absolutely gorgeous quilted
items for BC/winners.  I tried to find out where the 25 mile
winner was camped at so I could sneak over and steal his?her
pillow - if Ann wants to give up vetting, she could take up
quilting and do very well.

The weather was fantastic - couldn't have been better.  Cool
(okay, cold) nights, and low-humidity 60-70 degree days.
Personally, my horse was an absolute wild man and I had quite a challenge
on my hands for the entire 25 miles.  Is there such thing
as too much conditioning?  Cool crisp air coupled with meeting running 50
milers coming back into camp, add a little extra rider tension, and a
temporarily worthless full cheek snaffle,
and you have an explosive mixture.

Bob Magnus did an outstanding job, as usual.  There was an
abundance of vets (7, I think) and volunteers who did a great job, and it
all very well organized and thought out.  I get spoiled each
year with this ride.  He really outdoes himself.

I know there were many other riders out there that had a
similiar wild, but fun ride.  If you haven't been to this fall
SE ride before, I recommend it highly.

Happy trails,

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