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stud for endurance

Guys, I am thinking of breeding my Tennessee Walking Horse mare this coming 
spring because Knightmare still has not been sold.  As long as I have another 
horse to ride, I thought this would be a good opportunity to get a baby out 
of Special before she gets much older.  She a BIG mare with a great fox-trot 
and huge trot, and good recoveries.  I'd like to breed her to a smaller 
gaited stallion.  I'm interested in a really solid gait, a really great 
disposition and great conformation.  Color is completely unimportant.  Size 
isn't as important as the other items mentioned, but since I'm 5'2", smaller 
really would be nicer.  I know Truman told me once about a good stallion, but 
I cannot find that information anywhere now that I actually need it.  Any 
suggestions for good stallions would be much appreciated.


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