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Bear Valley event photos

Some might say, "at last!"

To those who have appreciated that this was a last minute volunteer 
effort, I'll say "thanks!"

There are 130 photos and their thumbnails up on my website.  I gave 
up on trying to use one of the free sites and linking them, or these 
would have been available a few days ago.  Anyway, the URL is

I think I got nearly every rider, captions are missing on a bunch of 
them--hard to tell who's who in sunglasses and helmets sometimes.  If 
you give me the rider names matched with the image title or location 
on which page, I'll modify them when I have time.  You can ask for 
the originals via e-mail and have them printed yourself, probably 
best--the Internet printers like ClubPhoto do a great job.  8x10 
original digital images are around 500 mb.  In some cases cropping 
means the biggest size would be 5x7".

realizing that there are now 80+ pages on my site, and
stay tuned for the ReactorPanel-sponsored NC photo webcast--on!

Rem-member Me (hey--quit takin' pictures and get me ready for Manzanita!)
and Celesteele (over his boo-boo)

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