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Barefoot stuff

Kathy Mayeda
To Tracey Ritter and others:

I just need to vent a little.  I am very interested in keeping my
endurance prospect barefoot as long as possible.  When Darolyn posted to
Ridecamp about her barefoot successes, I started reading up more about it
and started peeking into the barefoot lists.

I read Strasser's book. It was a very interesting read, but in no way was
I "converted" into her methodologies.  I do not have a foundered horse, I
have an endurance horse.  I don't want to soak my horses hooves daily
anyway.  I'm not sure that soaking a horses hoof and then letting them
live in the dry California pasture they live in is a good thing.  Strasser
is very dogmatic about soaking.

There are several people I know that are totally engrossed in "holistic
horse care" and do NOT subscribe to Strasser's ideas.  There are farriers
that have written articles against Strasser's ideas (and yes, I DO
consider that they have a economics reason to do so).  Strasser herself is
involved with some legal proceedings against her - some kind of
malpractice thing, or something at that nature, I forgot.  At this point,
I consider Strasser in the category of "religion" or "dogma".  Even some
of the "voo doo witch doctor" people that Tom Ivers gets bent out of shape
about are not accepting Strasser ideas either.  Some are adamently against
the method.

I had attended a clinic in Truckee (incidently Abigail Aiyagari and
Julienne Rha were also there) by Debbie Dutra.  It was an informal
workshop where we trimmed a cadaver foot and watched a live hooftrimming
demo.  It was a little interesting that Debbie is interested in what
Strasser is saying, but she herself maintains separation from the method.
I asked her about soaking at the beginning of the workshop, and she
replied "oh, we empty out the water troughs every other week and let it
run down the hill..."

Just because someone wrote a book does not mean that it's the Truth.  And
it is very difficult for me to accept your "science" that Susan G
questioned.  And I am still interested in barefoot endurance horses - just
not subscribing to dogma.


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