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I accidently sent the "your ride" email to Ridecamp when it should have
gone to Randy Eiland.  ARGH!  I want to apologize for that.

Well, since you've all seen that I'd like to do that ride anyone who has
ridden the Paso Del Norte ride please email me about it.  What is base
camp like?  The ride itself?

I just came back from the Llano Estacado Challenge.  This time I didn't
ride but took my new guy, Nyke, to see how well he would camp.  It was a
great somewhat no stress way to experience a ride.  I wished I had done
this with the Road Warrior ride back in June instead of riding.  I came
away with an idea of how Nyke will do on long trailer rides (aprox 5
hours one way) and also at camp.  It was nice to see folks I'd met at
the Road Warrior.  Weather was nice.  What a pretty place!

Happy trails!


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