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Re: old racers

Don't forget Magna Terra Smoky!  His race record in 1997 was
7/105(45-29-16)25-24.  At that time he had the most earnings of all-time for
an Arabian.  I remember watching the horses in the saddling paddock at Los
Alamitos in the early 1990's.  I spotted a somewhat odd looking horse- not
what you'd call handsome/ almost gaunt-looking/and with something obviously
wrong with one of his eyes.  That horse, I learned, was Smoky.  He had lost
an eye to infection at the very beginning of his training.  Well, that
one-eyed guy won the race we watched.  I followed his career after that and
am a true fan.

Kathleen Weickhardt and Larry L. Stewart
Sunnyland Racing Arabians
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> Here is a partial list of Arabians that were still earning money on the
> track at 9+ years:  KA Czubuthan, Flaming Streak, Count Galagor+, and ZT
> Baba.  For the person that asked me last year which it was I met that was
> years old and still winning, I'm sorry that I keep forgetting to ask what
> his name was again whenever I talk to Lynn.  One day I'll remember to ask.
> bb

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