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Re: RC: duck-isms

I have been to many a ride that the Duck has vetted and have yet to be vet 
checked from a lawn chair or a motorcycle.  He does "hands on" checks at the 
vet checks.  Yes he does go round on his motorcycle, but this is in addition 
to the vet checks. How often do you get that kind of service?

>Subject: RC:   duck-isms
>Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 10:36:24 EST
>In a message dated 1/23/01 7:59:32 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> > The Duck knows, don't think he doesn't know at a glance
> > everything there is to know about that horse the minute he sees it.
> > I've had better vetting from his motorcycle than I have with "a
> > pre-purchase
>Doesn't anyone see anything wrong with the above statement? I had heard 
>the Duck sat in his lawn chair, and vet checked horses from there as well 
>from his motor cycle.  There is no way to check gut sounds, cap. refill,
>mucous membranes etc. from your motor cycle or lawn chair.  Plus THIS is a
>clear rules violation!
>2.1.4 Each equine will receive a substantive physical examination of
>metabolic and mechanical parameters before the ride, at control points 
>the ride and after the ride.
>  Nina

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