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Re: Worming Question-Toxicity

Maureen A. Fager
"In a book that is formatted in notebook style,
big blue notebook whose name escape's me at
the moment, (it's at home.)  This book has a chart
that among other things lists the toxiticty levels
of de-wormers'

The book is "Horse Industry Handbook" published by
American Youth Horse Council. My copy published in 1197,
it is a collection of articles by different folks, usually
reshearchers or extension folks.

Some info from the wormer chart:  (published 1993)

Drug name:    Trade Name:    Toxicosis Factor:   Source:
Ivermectrin   Eqvalan         60X                Merck

Fenbendazole  Panacur          100X               Hoechst

Pyrantel-pamoate Strongid T or P  20X             Pfizer

The two ivermectrin products are made by the same manufacturer,
have the same drug and same concentration of drug.  I always
buy the cheapest since only the packaging is differnt.

This chart has many other de-wormers listed on it, it's pretty
handy.  Check it out if you ever get the chance.

Happy Trails,


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