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Re: RC: Re: Worming



If you have a fecal analysis done on a regular basis...i.e..four times a
year....would this not be a valid indication?  I prefer not to just worm
on general principles.  I DO worm on a regular schedule....but not every
month.  Twice {on consecutive months) in the spring and twice in the
fall with Ivermectin and Strongid.  Are you saying we should just worm
anyway, not matter what?  Hmmm...not sure I agree with that...but maybe
you can change my thinking.  By the way, I pick up all the poop in my
pastures weekly. My vet is pleased with my worming program, the health
of my horses (he sees them every 3 months) and the way I maintain my

Would be interested in more detail and recommendations here...


Jim, Sun of Dimanche and Mahada Magic.

Susan Garlinghouse wrote:
> > Why would you worm the horse again if you are not sure if it is wormy or
> > not?  I can take a stool sample to my vet and have results in 15 minutes
> for
> > $10 as to whether my horse is wormy or not then I
> Because the tests only come back positive (= "wormy") if the worms are
> adults, shedding eggs in general, and also shedding eggs right that moment,
> and enough eggs showed up in the fecal float  to be noticed and identified.
> It won't show anything if the horse is infected but the worms are migrating
> and not yet shedding eggs, or if the worm/egg load didn't happen to get
> picked up, or they're encysted, etc etc etc.
> In other words, it's *very* easy to get false negatives---a test that says
> you don't have worms, when you do, including the big, nasty, bloodsucking
> ones.
> Susan G
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