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Re: Re: Re: endurance horses and antioxidants

Eq. jr, as you suggested.  In another reply from you, indicated concern re. copper/zinc ratio.  What should the ratio be?  I will have hays analyzed for mineral contents.  In checking feeds and supps (Source micronutrients, Accel), I find all are very "zinc heavy".  Are there "copper" supps? or, better still, natural food source?  and is using them in a "chelated" form adviseable?
Feeds for young'uns should contain 55-60 ppm (or mg/kg, same thing) copper; and 200-220 ppm zinc.  I don't advise feeding alot of extra supplements to babies, just give them all the grass hay they can eat and about 1-1.5 pounds of a growth-formulated ration for every 100 pounds of current body weight, with an upper limit of 10-12 pounds of grain no matter what, never more than 4 pounds per meal, and never so that they're fat---in good condition, but never ever plump.  And NEVER EVER EVER more than 2% of their body weight per day in the form of alfalfa---feeding free choice alfalfa to rapidly growing babies is an excellent way to produce DOD lesions.  So my suggestions for you would be to feed the Omolene 300 and the only extra supplements could/should be biotin (and I mean biotin, not a supplement that also just happens to contain biotin along with forty other things) and a probiotic like Fastrack or Yea-Sacc (the latter is my preference for babies by far, but it's not easy to find).  Don't go messing around with trying to formulate your own supplements---not for babies.  Really.  You're almost guaranteed to affect some other nutrient adversely.
Little blerb in Equus, Oct. 01 issue, on Ralston's study on Vit. C.  "Happy Travelers are Healthy Travelers".  Very interesting.  Thought your advise on vit C sounded familiar:) 
Yup.  She's Mecca.
I do use lots of carrots, for horsey treats, and oranges, too.  Esp. in our heat/humidity.
Thankyou for you help
Beth Gunn
You're welcome.  :-)
Susan G

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