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Re: RC: Re: Sierra Club?

At 01:47 PM 9/11/01 EDT, Jackie Baker wrote:
> Barbara wrote:
>> This is all very well, but there is a segment of
>> society who is unable, for one reason or the other, to access wilderness on
>> their own two feet.  We age, we have aches and pains and disabilities, but I
>> don't agree that we should be prohibited from seeing the wild, wide world
>> out there if we can't walk there
>Barbara, Interesting that you should mention this issue.  There will be a 
>Public Lands Acquisition & Management Seminar held in FL in December, one of 
>the topics will be ADA accessibility.  I had not thought of horseback as a 
>possible facilitator, but definitely one worthy of mention!  

Give it a try.  However, this was tried by horsemen at Yosemite
during the recent management plan process without noticeable success.
It is also tried frequently by the All Terrain Vehicle folks, also
without noticeable success.

I don't know whether the two sets of laws:  environment (whether
National Park law or Clean Water Act Endangered Species or whatever)
vs Americans with Disabilities Act have gone head-to-head in court
yet, but it would be an interesting match up.  Sort of like Celebrity
Death Match (amputee beats spotted owl over head with prothestic
arm or something :-)

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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