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Lemons, Garlic, and War

This was supposed to go to ridecamp, but it didn't
make it the first (couple) times. I'm resending it,
with minor editing to acknowledge a couple of later
messages. Dang these rented fingers anyway! In keeping
with Steph's intent, and trying to go back to lurking,
I plan for this to include my post on the incipient

I never got around to lemons on my last post. The
image of that horse in bliss, lips perhaps puckered
up, had me chuckling for hours. I related tohe sotry
to some co-workers and they enjoyed it, too. One
asked, "Can horses get scurvy?" I don't know--can

Now I'm thinking of horses with garlic breath. Eeew!
But you're all right about the no-bugs thing. When I
lived in Korea, I ate a garlic-rich diet and never got
bit by a mosquito.

Skip said,
> I know the one web site was a Jewish extreme group
> but this one is the 
> Islamic version 
> Check it 
> out to see what makes them happy.  While some might
> want to believe in the 
> innocence of many.  The attack on the U.S. were not
> done by one or two or 50 
> individuals.  They had state sponsorship or
> "religious" sponsorship and 
> funding
> Skip

I checked it out. I read not only the cited articles
but some of the newer stuff. This is, again, an
extremist viewpoint not a mainstream source. It sure
does represent the hostile minority.

I concede that not many folks outside of the US like
Americans. A lot of folks thing that were loud,
obnoxious and imperialist in our attitudes. Having
spent most of the last twenty-odd years in foreign
countries, I can see that they're too often right.
I'll even concede that a larger share of the
populations of Palestine, Iraq and maybe a couple of
other countries carries hatred for us both from
actions such as our embargo and from propaganda of the
kind that Skip cites.

But that doesn't mean they all want to kill us.

And that doesn't mean everyone in a given population.

I stand firmly behind the statement that citing
extremist viewpoints is not a credible argument.
Extremists rarely represent the majority population in
any culture. If you want to impress me with the
credibility of your argument, show me. Show me news
sources from credible, independent international news
bureaus. Big ones with no agenda, like the BBC. Show
me information from the State department, the CIA and
reports from foreign intelligence agencies. For Pete's
sake, show me a Gallup poll, if you can find one, of
exactly what percentage of the world's population
wants to kill Americans out of hand. Stop supporting
your arguments with drivel from extremist groups of
any stripe because it just won't wash.

As soon as we have all the facts, our leaders will
target they persons and governments responsible. Then
we can go to war. Our goals will be clearly defined (I
hope) and I hope we don't stop short of acheiving
them. But at that point it will be motivated more by
the desire to protect ourselves and our interests than
by hate. I really don't doubt that retribution will
play a part in our actions, but I feel wee should be
moved by the same sense of justice and self-protection
that our society exhibits when collaring a crimnal.

Does that mean that I think we should bring these folk
back for trial and a cushy jail cell? Heck no! It *is*
an act of war, and deserves to be treated as such. But
to engage in indiscrimnate killing based on universal
hatred and lynch mob mentality put us at the same
level as the barbarians who commited the atrocity in
New York. Using blanket "Theys" and "Thems" lacks
focus, promoting the atmosphere I feel we should

Steph said, "let's not do any fear/hate-mongering on
this list." I agree whole-heartedly, and that has been
my intent with these two posts. I don't plan on
posting anything else on this topic.

Enough soap-boxing. I'm gonna go feed a horse some
lemons and garlic (*snicker*). Just kidding, Sue.

Have a great weekend and go riding, for Pete's sake!

Jim Beidle

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