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Re: nutrition for 2 yr old

I had gone to my vet with this question when I bought a weanling filly...who is now two and a half.  Basics include good quality hay (not alfalfa) and fresh water.  I supplemented with a good foal pellet for the first year or so pretty consistently...but have gotten somewhat lazy lately. I feel with a mix of good grass hay, oat hay, pasture grass and weeds and limited alfalfa; we are covering all the bases.  With mine currently at 15.1, I feel most of her active growing is done...she is half ARab, half QH....
Exercise is important!  I started mine out on very short outings 20 minutes or so, and the first year worked up to no more than an hour, but adding some small hills and rough terrain.  My vet encouraged me to do this every day, (which is impossible), but I try to get her out at least 3-4 times a week.  Rest of time she has about a 6 acre flat pasture with the other horses.
While I am going to keep getting her out, and she has been on two hour low-key rides, and I think that is pleanty!
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From: Beth Gunn
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 7:34 AM
Subject: RC: nutrition for 2 yr old

I will be reading inputs.  I, too, have new 16 month old filly, and 2yr 4 mo. gelding.  Very interested in feeding and exercising correctly for best potential as endurance buddies!!:))
Beth Gunn

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