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Re: Terrorism

John wrote:
> What does it take Lif? You may want to give bin Laden the benefit of the
doubt, I don't.

I reply:
In the US a person is not guilty of a crime till it's proven he/she's
guilty.  Whatever bin Laden's history - no doubt guilty of everything you
cited -  those are not THIS event, THIS crime that occurred .  Prosecute him
for the past if he is truly guilty of that.  But don't use the past to
*assume* he is guilty of Tuesday's atrocities and don't use the past to
justify going after him for Tuesday either.  I'm not saying he is innocent -
I am not defending *him* at all.  I am merely pointing out that due process
must always apply - every time to every person in every circumstance - or it
might as well be thrown out as a basis for the American way of justice.

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