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RE: RC: nervous horse

Well you know that some one else is also going to suggest this, but what
about saddle fit?  Is she trying to tell you something about the saddle? or
something else that is uncomfortable to her?  

> I have a four 1/2 year old mare. She has started acting very jumpy on the
> trail and  has spooked and spum hard on me and dumped me. I am feeding her
> 50/50 pellets of bermuda alfalfa and about 5 pounds of orchard,timothy
> hay. (I'm thinking about putting her on only orchard timothy.) I was
> wondering if there are any herbs or vitamins that would not compromise her
> energy that I could give her. I don't want to DRUG her just take the edge
> off. I feel that it's hard to get in good conditioning time when she is
> spooking and looking for something to jump at.Sometimes she is ok. but
> then the most of the time she is stomping, jumping, spinning or anything
> else she can do for no reason. I ride her Monday, wed, Fri, on on a
> regular basis for no less than 3 hours each time. And if I have a chance
> to ride more, I do.

--- Anna Larson
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