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RE: Terrorism

>This is what's bothering me...something doesn't sit right about the whole 
>thing, if an act of terrorism can ever seem rational.  Also, I've read 
>reports about people on the hijacked planes calling relatives on their cell 
> would seem to me, that if the hijackers were foreign, this would 
>have been blurted out by one of the callers - "We've been hijacked by a 
>bunch of Arabs!"  I know that different colors or races are often the first 
>description we come up with.  The fact that nothing was said, makes me think 
>that maybe the hijackers were American or predominantly American.  

I, like several others here, was not going to send in MHO (and ended up
doing so anyway)...but this comment reflects something I heard on the news
last night.  According to one of the callers (according to the news), they
(passengers and flight attendants) were moved toward the rear of the plane
and several given orders to call their relatives.  If this is true, what
they said was probably monitored.  This information makes me believe that
this move was done to intentionally torment the caller (knowing they were
going to die) and the recipient of the call without giving the recipient
any other information that could help identify the perpetrators.  When the
mother of one of the passengers asked who the hijackers were, his response
was only an "I love you" or something similar...and an indication that the
caller was distracted by someone giving them orders...and an end to the


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