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>Hi Tony,
>I wanted to thank you for posting that. I'm so irritated with this
>Maryanne who keeps writing.

OTOH,I am proud to call her a friend, though we haven't yet met in person

>I do not care how many friends she has of different religions. Thousands
>of people died yesterday.

And thousands more will die if we adopt a hateful attitude and strike back 
out of fear and anger.

>How does this further the Palestinian cause?

It doesn't. What makes you think it was done in furtherance of the 
Palestinian cause?  bin Laden, who is most likely  behind it, is Saudi. I 
don't think he has a constructive idea in his head. He's pure Evil.

>How does this gain the
>sympathy of America? Why should we feel bad for the Palestinians, the
>Israelis -- ANYONE -- when our most multicultural city was attacked.

Why? Because they've been living through the same thing. Yes, on a smaller 
scale, but if it's your mother or husband or son who is killed, the fact 
is, you don't count up the numbers of others in order to quantify your own 
pain. It hurts.

>I am
>certain that there were people in those buildings who were of all races,
>all beliefs, all kinds, shapes, sizes. You can bet that blowing up
>thousands of people will not make America think that Palestiniands should
>get help, or that Israel or any other country should not get help.

No, it won't, and I don't believe for a minute that the people who did it 
thought it would.

>Maryanne, SHUT UP. I don't want to hear it.

Well, I don't want to hear your ranting, either, but  despite yesterday, I 
still  live in America, and am still of the opinion that the most important 
part of freedom of speech is the freedom to voice an unpopular opinion.

>I do want to hear about horses and endurance riding. That is why I joined
>this list. Go form a political list if you want to argue.

Your opinion would carry more weight if you asked *everyone* to change the 
subject, not simply the one who disagrees with you. This has been a 
horrific experience for all of us, and it's been discussed in about 
everyplace I've been on the net and in person over the last 24 hours.

>I went to high school with a Palestinian. I didn't know he was Palestinian
>until a teacher told us while we were discussing the Gulf War, which was
>going on at the time. Derek was a regular person.
>Everyone is a regular person. People are just people. If all the
>God-fearing people could get it through their brains that there is no One,
>True Way, and no one single perfect religion, the world would be a nice
>place to live. Instead, we have everyone saying "You're wrong! I hate
>you!" instead of "We disagree, I'll go my way, you go yours."
>-Allie, Wiccan and very, very tired of people who believe in God and/or
>think pieces of land are more important and compassion, friendship and

And yet you tell someone to "shut up"


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