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Re: RE: OT Terrorists

I have a hard time having any sympathy or understanding for people who are
celebrating in the streets because (maybe) thousands of US men, women and
children have been horribly murdered!!!

> While no one here in Egypt is celebrating, people in the US really have no
> idea of how horrible life has been for the Palestinians since 1948. No one
> in the US, believing as they do in human rights, would feel comfortable
> supporting many of Israel's actions if they really knew what life has been
> like there. When you subject people to inhumane conditions, they become
> inhuman. One would have thought that the experience of the Holocaust would
> have made the Israelis MORE sympathetic to the suffering of others, but
> has not always proved the case. Although Palestinians have been living in
> that area for centuries, they are not permitted citizenship in the land of
> their birth, they can sell their homes but cannot buy new ones....the list
> goes on and on. And please don't accuse me of of my
> daughter's best friends who spent most of his spare time at our house was
> the son of an Israeli diplomat who was miserable at the thought of having
> return to spend time in the army with the possibility of having to stand
> armed to face people with whom he sympathises. People who harm innocent
> people are wrong....but somehow it happens all the time, and the
> Palestinians have buried a lot of children lately. They feel that if the
> government really put its foot down this would stop. No other country in
> world gets more foreign aid than Israel...purse-strings could easily be
> pulled.
> Maryanne
> Cairo
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