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Re: RC: terroism...not! War!!

Well, I'm Scotch-Irish....the worst combination for tolerance in this
kind of thing....

The most sensible thing I've heard on the news today...

Someone on CNN asked a government official if "some action" will be
taken against Afghanistan.  The reply was "I wouldn't plan a vacation
there".  Best thing I've heard from the Bush administration so far. 
Wonder if it would be a good parking lot? Do they have any ocean

It's time for more than a "Slap on the Wrist". Patience, Hell! 

Semper Fi...

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic.

> Beth Gunn wrote:
> OK friends..The word "terroism"  spellingplease?  leaves me with the
> feeling of "slap on the wrist" "oh, what do You want! to "back
> off"?!!!
> This Is War!!!  Maybe against some smart but not Intelligent, but well
> funded folks ....@#?**  And our government bans Us from "bearing arms"
> to protect ourselves against threat...oh well. put your heads in the
> sand some more and....suffocate!  Oh, We have been watching this  all
> day and want to kick their butts!!!  Hubby is a "Tom Clancy" fan and
> is "educating" me as we speak...So I won't do much input...
> I am still here with my jaw hanging down and really wondering how it
> got to this point!!!  Buckle down, pray, and kick #@?##. no holds
> barred!!
> Beth and Clann Gunn
> Scots Know How to Get It Done!!

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