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Terrorism in the US

My mom just called.  She said, "Are you watching this?  The Air Force can't recall you for this, can they?"  I told her I don't know.  I've never seen or dealt with anything close to this before.  It's like Pearl Harbor, all over again.  We are at war here; we just don't know who the enemy is. The one thing we do know, it's not Tim McVeigh.
Things are about to change folks.  And it's not going to be pretty.  My wife just phoned to tell me not a plane is in the sky right now.  The FAA has grounded just about everything.  Man, somebody just messed with the wrong country.  If you read a lot like I do, you've probably finished a novel that started in just this fashion.  Bombing of the Pentagon, bombing of the World Trade Center.  We're just lucky it wasn't nuclear, because it's quite obvious if they do get their hands on one, they will use it.
All I can say is if the Air Force does call, I'm ready.  I'm pissed and I want revenge for this crap.  My fatigues are out and the boots are polished.  I want that call.

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