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RE: RE: Elevation Changes at Pan Am

Title: RE: Elevation Changes at Pan Am
I'd be interested too. Needless to say, "hill" is very relative. I grew up in the coastal mountains of Southern California and we rode horses and bikes places that many of my local Egyptian riding friends would grow pale to consider. Then when we have visitors from REALLY flat places they complain about our "hills"! The area actually reminded me a lot of the mountains around Ojai (near Ventura but inland) in California, but a whole lot greener, more forested and more scrunched no big valleys between elevations.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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From what Heather told me re: the course when I finally ran into her at the barn after their big win is that it is NOT any more hilly than what we get out here in the West!  J  She said the footing wasn’t real great, though.  Any other lurkers actually RODE the course and have something to say?  Would be interesting to see if there are Regional definition of what a “hill” or a “mountain” is!


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