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Re: Question for Mustang people

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Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 8:21 PM
Subject: RC: Question for Mustang people

> Suzanne  Boyd
> Can someone tell me what (if anything) the brand on a mustang means? Does
> it give any info. as to where the horse came from or the age of the horse?
> Just curious. I looked at a mustang mare tonight that my friend pulled out
> of the Sugarcreek meatpen.  She's pretty accurate at aging horses and
> guessed her at 4. Seems to be a nice mare. Stood quiet to be saddled;was
> green but did nothing wrong. Picked up all her feet.  She was very square
> and had nice big feet. And it didn't hurt that she was palomino!  She had
> some cuts on her head,probably from trailering but other than that was in
> decent shape.
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