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Re: I'm Back.....

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Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2001 10:46 PM
Subject: RC: I'm Back.....
In a message dated 9/9/01 9:53:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

Steve:  I have never done a ride that didn't meet those requirements you
mentioned.  Why make a rule, there is no need.   I feel that as long as the
riders know that they are going to be going 15 or 20 miles without water
that they need to use their brains and ride accordingly.  That's what
endurance riding is all about.  It's not supposed to be like McDonald's.

That was my first reaction when I read your post Steve....I've never been to
a ride in the regions that I normally ride in (PS and W) where the water
thing was a problem.  All of the rides I've been to have adequate water.  I'd
hate to see a "rule" written thereby making the Ride Manager job even more
difficult than it already is.  They seem to cover the bases just fine without
a rule.  (JMO)



The only rule I'd like to see added is concerning GENERATORS.  We really need to do something about this modern convenience which ruins the atmosphere of ridecamp at endurance events.  It's only getting worse.  Segregate them, pretend their FEI riders, except don't give them priority parking.  Put all generator users in one part of camp, to themselves, where they can hear just how bad it can get when you're surrounded by these things. The noise is worse than a crowded Truck Stop.

And I think turning them off at 9pm isn't asking too much.  I can handle the jackasses BAYYING (the four legged variety) and the stallions and mares in heat; I would never complain about such things.  But those damn loud obnoxious generator things either need to be shut down or put in an area of camp where all their owners can listen to each other all day long.  Park them in a separate area. IF the noise doesn't bother you, then fine, spend time with your neighbors running them all day. Allow the rest of us the luxury of listening to our horses eating their hay (I love that sound at night).  It's the only answer.

At my last ride a woman's horse got loose.  She yelled at her husband to catch him, and he would have, if he could have heard his wife yelling at him.  He did not.  He was next to a running generator as the horse went flying by. I remember the woman yelling at the generator owner, as she went running  after her horse, "Will  you turn that ******** thing off?"  It's gotten to the point where these things are endangering others.



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