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Re: RC: Re: sand in beet pulp/grizzle!

Sure, I remember that book still!  at just turning 40 end of month! Arg!
It is about the industrial revolution esp food processing and plants, sorkers and abuse.  Of course, the parts that influenced me the most were about what "fell into" the vats of the processors. Scurrying animals after the grain products , falling in off the rafters overhead, people "losing" parts in the heavy machinary, etc.
UGH!  Think I will go back to vegie days!
If the beet pulp is processed at plants where grain products and sweet feeds are as well, (probably all of them), I can inagine all products are suseptible.
I don't remember when the book was published, but thinking pretty far back, maybe late 1800 or early 1900s?
I am checking over my beet pulp thouroughly! before feeding!
Beth Gunn
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Any of you folks read "The Jungle" by Sinclair?  I did as a preteen and became a vegetarian until 20's.  Flash Back:)
Beth Gunn

Can you give us a short synopsis?


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