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Re: RC: Re: hydration and hay type

on 9/8/01 8:35 PM, superpat at wrote:

> A few years ago, I was at Oregon State University teaching hospital with one
> of my horses who had injured her leg and I saw a horse (an Arabian) who was
> recovering from surgery to remove an enterlith. It resembled a large
> cantelope and was hard as a rock.

anyone who is feeding straight alfalfa would change their tune and educate
themselves after a beloved horse dies a horrible and painful death from a
rupture by an enterolith. I was boarding at the time and had no say about
what was fed to my mare. She died in the most painful way imaginable-it is
still very hard to talk or write about. The enterolith was as big as a
softball. No horse under my care will ever be fed alfalfa again. Especially
when there is great grass hay to be found.

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