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Pan Am Volunteer Experience

I just got my PAC volunteer pack from Donna Smith Curtain.  This
is starting to look like serious fun.  It is a much bigger deal
than I had thought it was.

First, I have been promoted from "Hospitality" stops to the
regular vet checks.  I will evidently be scribing and perhaps
taking pulses at two vet checks, one in the morning and the
second throughout the afternoon.

I have discovered the volunteers are eligible to attend (at cost)
all the dinners and breakfasts and cookouts and clambakes.  I can
sit in the back with the rest of the wannabes and soak up all the
available motivation!

The opening ceremony (sponsored by Endurance World Magazine) is
4 p.m. Thursday, followed by a dinner and dancing.  After the
volunteer orientation Friday morning, I can pre-visit the vet checks
to see the layout and learn my way there, and then I can spend lots
of money at the trade show.  (Saddle vendors, get ready...:-)
Then there's the BBQ Friday evening, a second trip to the volunteer
orientation to see if I missed anything in the morning, and home
to bed.  Then up *early* on Saturday to see the 5 a.m. start,
and then off to my first vet check post.  Maybe my duties will be
done in time for me to make it back for the finish.

Sunday is a Vermont Pancake Breakfast, buying anything at the
trade show I successfully resisted the first three days, BC
judging, awards, a closing ceremony, and then a Lobster bake!

Really, if you were thinking of going up (or down) for this,
I *really* recommend giving it a try.  Gaynor Coassin's number
is 802-484-7785.  Be prepared to find your own lodging or to campout
at the field reserved for volunteers, as I gather that virtually
all of the "rooms donated for volunteers" have been taken.

Sorry that I can't volunteer to help webcast--no laptop.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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