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not breed bashing

Barb I was not breed bashing. And yes I have conditioned big Quarter horses and Morgans, and yes I know that it's much easier to condition Arabs. I spent 12 years in a federal penit., No I mean a training stable that had 90% quarter horses who were like any horses just as adept at hospitalizing their riders .  Back then there was some frowning on "pill rolling" and tiny hooves, but the show ring styles mesmorized the  bountiful small breeders, who for a couple hundred bucks could perpetuate that look through breeding. Stud fee's here in Southern Calif, are dirt dirt cheap.  Compared to Arab stud fees.   I  was just noticing how this happy little magazine had it's interesting articles about the same things that we do here on ride camp.  They just have their own world. We talk about raising foals, (I did not say Arab foals, just any foals) in large hilly pastures so they can run and develop great balance and bone in their legs. This magazine thought that 14 feet was a big corral for a foal.  The distance ride they went on is beautiful, and they had gorgeous pictures to prove it. However it looked like the riders were in a old western style parade, and yes they did have huge saddles with huge saddlebags, yes capable of carrying booze. And yes I know people around here who do that, and that is what they think is fun. Pictures of our endurance rides show our riders with bicycle bottles or camelbacks for drink, and all wearing lycra spandex and HELMETS! ha ha ha.   It is just such a different world.  Go look at the magazine, it's interesting.  Beth

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