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Fwd: Re: RC: Another way of looking at it from Lisa

>From: Lisa M Pardus
>Subject: Re: RC: Another way of looking at it
>Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 16:14:20 -0400
> HEY!!! My Arab is a GREAT trail horse! She does what I tell her to. She
>is NOT spooky at all. If I wanted to walk all 25 miles, she might get a
>little jiggly, but she is a calm wonderful girl. I wonder why I waited so
>long to get her!
> Just because she isn't a plow horse, or like a rent-a-horse,
>follow-the-leader stupid doesn't mean she isn't a GREAT trail horse! I
>personally would HATE to take any of those show horses that show in the
>ring on a REAL trail! It is nice to open gates in a ring, but try that
>with some of those horses when the rest of the herd is headed up the
>trail, or he is headed out of his pasture and leaving the others behind!
> How about a REAL brook that makes noise and has real living things
>swimming in it rather than a nice shallow pool with still water and a
>black bottom! That show ring pool also doesn't splash up and make noise
>because you have two or three other horses galloping through it behind,
>beside and in front of your nice "pretty" show broke horse.
> I am sorry, I do not wish to put down those that show in these classes.
>I just wish to show the BIG difference between showing in a safe ring,
>compared to the real thing. I think we all agree, most of those show
>broke beauties could NOT make it in the real world, anymore than a super
>model goes without her room service and makeup! :0)
> We paid a little more than $1000.00 for my "green broke" Arab. I am sure
>she would be horrible in the show ring, but on the trail she is almost
>"bombproof". (We all know there are NO bombproof horses out there) :0) By
>the time she reaches a good mature age that I can start running seriously
>in Endurance, she will be one of the most reliable kid's horses on the
> I am a new Arabian owner, so I might have some thin skin about this. I
>hope I have made a decent point without being to aggressive. I tend to be
>tactlessly blunt sometimes! :0) I call it opinionated, but others have
>more colorful words for it! :-P
>In His Hands,
>Lisa P.
>The Aussies:Possum, Boomer, Dusty, and Barley
>Chat room ICQ #111639534

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