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Need help today!! Info on quality hay

I moved my horse to a boarding facility that is closer to me.  The 
stable is owned by a non-horsey Mother who has 3 horsey teenage daughters.  
She's done a pretty good job of running the business end and has 2 very 
competent barn helpers.

She recently brought in a load of "hay" from her very own fields this 
weekend.  The hay is just's brown, does not smell good, 
and is loaded with goldenrod & dead oak leaves.  The horses aren't 
eating it and the boarders have called for a meeting with her 

I'd like to be able to print out good information about the qualities 
of good horse hay and the dangers of feeding crap to horses.  

(The hay she's always used in the past has been excellent orchard hay 
& she has a barn full, but she thought she could use the hay from her 
fields as well.) 

Judy &
Hilary,  You're right, Mom, this hay is crap and I'm not eating it!!

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