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RE:Multi-day rides

Jonni (
>>>So, I sit here thinking "Am I crazy, Outlaw trail, 5
days of riding in a row!"<<<

(grin) Nawww, you are not crazy....riding 5 days in a row per week, for 8 THAT might have been crazy to some! All of us who went on the
XP2001 said we will look at 1 day 50's much differently now, and even 5
day rides differently.

>>>  What are some of the common problems of a
multi-day ride on a horse?  You know, stuff that a
person that normally rides one day rides doesn't think

I'm sure there are some on the list that can offer you good advice on
that. You can find some interesting reading on Dave (the Duck) Nicholson's
web page.

If the ride is a loop ride, out of one camp, then its a tad easier. When
you do point to point rides, you need to have a good driver to move your
rig, and extra horse if you have one.  Just having an extra person along
anyway to help you take care of the horses is nice, as you may be getting
tired after a couple days. Hauling water, mixing feed, and even cooking
dinner for yourself becomes tough for some riders. While others (like the
horses) get stronger and stronger as the days go by.

Be prepared for rubs, hair loss etc. from tack. What may not rub on a 1
day ride, could start a sore after a few days riding. If caught early, it
can be halted with no ill effects. (we carry Bickmores Gall salve in our
first aid kit)  Also, riders that may never get rubs or irritations can
start after a few days riding. Baby Powder was my riders choice
application! There is a product called Body Glide that is great to keep
blisters from getting worst, or to stop irritations in shoes, or other
spots that are rubbed. It can be purchased on line, or at better Running
Shoe stores.

Pack for all types of weather. (Though one should always take rain gear,
just in case)

These are a few thoughts off the top of my head. There are many Multi Day
riders on the list....maybe they have some better thoughts than mine.

Jonni in Hot Texas

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