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RE: LD vs Endurance

Title: RE: LD vs Endurance

I am a relative newbie – 250 miles.  I did ONE 25 LD ride and decided it was too easy, and I moved on to 50s. But then again, I have a good horse (that I got by almost by accident) that wants to do his job in endurance. I’m just looking at the 50’s for getting ready for 100’s myself!  But I have to admit it’s a lot because of the company I’ve been keeping lately.  It’s hard to keep just thinking 50’s when others around me are gearing for 100’s (read – Pan Ams).  I think left to my own devices, I may have just been happy doing 50’s!

Don’t regret having done the 25 miler – it was a good chance to see what was going on.  I had another friend do her first 25 miler and just as I predicted she decided her next ride would just have to be a 50 miler and she almost regretted just doing LD.

Don’t sweat it too much – just jump in and do what you feel best for you and your horse.  If you find it was too much, then you will know.  If you find it too easy, then you will know that too.  But chose which rides that you want to do first, and it’s a good thing that you asked for advice re: specific rides.  I found that the Mt. Diablo 50 ride was too difficult for the level of condition that Beau was at when we did it, but Fireworks 50 was a piece of cake.

Since I’m starting a green horse, I’m busy thinking strategy for his first ride.  I thought about flat and easy LD, but then a high mileage friend of mine said that a harder, windier one in the woods may be better because there is more of a chance to let the other horses get out of line of sight.  Baby green horse won’t be stressed out looking for company ahead!


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