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Re: Fwd: RC: Re: RC: haggin cup winner

In a message dated Sun, 12 Aug 2001  3:40:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "hope lundquist" <> writes:

> Hi Heidi: Thanks for answering part of my question. Now just what is the 
> breeding on Fille de Cailana the dam? What CMK horses? Potato won the Tevis 
> in 1998  on Fille de Cailana and Marcia Smith came in second on Saamson CC. 
> Roles got reversed this year. The mother has won the Tevis Cup and the 
> daughter the Haggin Cup. This must be a first for mares in the Tevis trivia 
> records. 

Fille de Cailana is a daughter of Bezatal--so while working on Tevis trivia, make that two generations of Tevis winners, with the 3rd generation winning the Haggin Cup.

Her dam, Edens Cailana, has up-close crosses to Alyf, Ronek, Antez, Alla Amarward, Rahas, and others--and she has a Davenport tail female line through the great old mare Taliti.  There is a lot of similarity between her pedigree and that of Benjih, who won Tevis last year.


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