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Neoprene Girth

Hi Lisa P -
I haven't found my neo girths to cause any soreness on my horses, but I also use different girths on them. The best combination I have is so far is a double elastic neo girth, covered w/ a Toklat woolback sleeve. I also like pure mohair, and rigged up a double elastic mohair girth, which I sometimes use w/ a woolback sleeve.
You could also try cutting a strip off one of those "vent" pads and lining your girth with that. Keeps the girth from direct contact w/ the horse. Maybe this will help. I've done this on both a neo and a mohair, I made a sleeve that velcroes on, but I have to "fine tune" it.
I think saddle fit and placement, and tack cleanliness have more to do with girth sores than anything else. Unless it is a conformation issue.
Just keep your tack clean, and rotate out different ones, keeps the same pressure off the same place.
Hope This Helps : )  -
Cheryl in WNY
Horse Kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

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