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Great Story for XP'ers

Time to lighten up.  Joe Harris (injured ride manager remember?) stopped
by to visit today (he's doing pretty good and driving).  He told me this
great story that I thought the XP'ers would enjoy.

Apparently you Westerners aren't the first to think of a commemorative
ride.  Back in 1924 the grandson of William Tecumsah Sherman thought it
would be a cool idea to reinact his grandfather's march to Atlanta and to
the sea.  He showed up in Ringgold, GA (just south of Chattanooga) with a
fine horse and some friends and was at a local eatery bragging about how
he was going to retrace his grandfather's march of distruction down to
Atlanta and then on to the sea.  Well...there were still a few people
around in 1924 who remembered the first march, not too fondly.  Somebody
went home and got their grandmother who had lost a few family members to
the first Sherman visit.  Grandma came right over and confronted him. 
Seems he was pretty cocky and made some rather offensive comments.
So...Grandma beat the crap out of him and he decided to call off the
march and went home. >g<

List that one under famous reinactments that didn't pan out. 

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