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Tevis coverage

I'm back down in Auburn now - got delayed because of horses
tying up at Squaw. We're working as quickly as we can.

Stand by!

Have tons of nice "UP over Squaw" pics... and a handful 
from Robie.

Also working on getting up the in' times from Robinson
Flat and the pulls.

Pulls I know about so far:

226 - katie Davis - her horse tied up at the HW-89 crossing
227 - Roger Davis - her Dad and sponsor (RO)
235 - Elena Macia - her horse tied up
223 - Sally Toye - had to retire because of sponsoring Elena

Just got handed in times for RF and Dusty Corners

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
Repotted english person scrabbling around in the Sierra Nevada, CA 

Tevis coverage at:

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