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Re: RC: tying up

In a message dated Sat, 4 Aug 2001 12:43:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, "Seamstob" <> writes:

> I thought you were not to walk a   horse that is tying up. Leads to more muscle damage which can cause kidney   damage because of crystals forming that plug the tubes in the   kidneys.  This is the layman's explanation. A   vet could explain it better  Paddi  

What causes kidney damage in tying up is not crystals, but simply way too much protein and other byproducts of muscle breakdown than the kidneys can handle.  And this is affected by hydration levels as well as the severity of the tie-up.

As to walking--it all depends on the situation.  In many cases, slow intermittent walking helps circulation to the muscles and helps to get rid of the enzymes, etc. that cause further muscle damage--so it is often good.  But in really severe cases where the horse looks and moves like something make of solid lumber, forcing movement can in itself cause more muscle damage.  So each case is a judgment call...


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