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Re: Show and Tell

>You could lead a horse to water but you canıt make
>it drink applies to some endurance riders as well.

Who else out there LOVES this?

>This is why a good ride vet is so indispensible for
>controlling these kind of abuses and for the education
>of the rider. 

The vet has a controlling influence (not to be confused with control) only
if the rider considers him/her an ally rather than an adversary. I don't
think you intended to lay unrealistic responsibility at the feet of the ride

>I probably have as many ³miles² as a ride volunteer
>as I do a rider in endurance.  I canıt emphasize enough
>that if you really want an education in endurance riding
>that you hang around and volunteer at rides.  Some of the
>things you see and hear at the vet checks are real eye openers. 
>Iıve also crewed at Tevis for a few years and know that itıs
>an intimidating ride.  If I hadnıt crewed it, I probably
>would have attempted to ride it and not be properly prepared. 
>A 25 mile LD ride would not have taught me this!

Bravo!!! (loud whistles and cheers!!) I love it when someone more articulate
than me posts exactly what I think. All you newbies out there, re-read the
above paragraph and go do it. I know I will.

Deanna (Ohio)
goose-egg, bagel, nada endurance miles
under 500 CTR miles
like Kathy, more miles helping both CTR and endurance than riding
The more I learn, the less I truly know.

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