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2001 Tevis Coverage - TV - Video - Web wrote:
> What stations/channels will have TV coverage?  Since I 
> can't be there this year as a spectator, I'll have the 
> big screen tuned in!

er... I'm sorry to disappoint, but as far as I know, 
there isn't any TV coverage. Sometimes they have 
something on the local news, but not much more than
a snippet.

* * *

I did see a japanese film crew around the barn area in
Auburn on Wednesday (and seemingly filming the hillside
around Cool on Tueday), but I'm not sure what they're
doing exactly.

Richard gave me a copy of the Japanese video taken 
last year. The photography is really quite lovely and 
the only real drawback is that the narration is in 
Japanese. Despite that, you get a great flavour of 
the ride. There are many snippet interviews with 
[English-speaking] riders, so you aren't totally
clueless as to what's going on. 

They show some great views of the trail (horses struggling 
up Cougar Rock, trudging up and down the canyons with 
mega-drop offs), as well as give a good idea of the 
surrounding countryside (helicopter photography) and 
they show the dust <grin>.

If you've got Tevis fever, the video's available from 
the WSTF office for $20:

I'm on my third viewing now and still spotting things
I didn't notice first time around.

* * *

As for web coverage, we're going to do our best to try
and get some pics up there as soon as we can.

My new camera arrived in the nick of time on Wednesday
after being routed through Grass Valley... which is *like*
Garden Valley, but about 30 miles away in a different

It eats batteries like nobody's business, so hopefully I 
will be able to keep up with feeding it. Either way, I 
should get some pics from Squaw, Deadwood, and Foresthill. 
I'm going to *try* for Devil's Thumb (and hope not to get 
stuck) and Michigan Bluff, time permitting. We'll see.

Web site is at:

And I believe Karen Chaton is also going to try and get 
some pics up at:


Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
Repotted english person in Garden Valley (Sierra Foothills), CA 

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