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Re: RC: XP questions

At 08:27 AM 08/03/2001 -0700, KIMBERLY PRICE wrote:
>What did you use in your 'rehydrating' spray to keep them from flaking 
>etc? (I hope you don't say just water!) <g>

I don't have a bottle to look up the ingredients, I used it all up.  It's 
made by Eqyss, and is pretty easy to find.  I also used pure aloe juice 
from Wal Mart.

>Also, anymore word on if the Duck is considering a North to South ride in 
>a few years?

<G>  I think he was yanking somebody's chain.  (but you never know.......)

I think that yes, he is going to plan on another grand adventure in a few 
(three?) years.  We'll have to wait and see!  It probably won't be as long 
as this one was......sounds like maybe doing the last three weeks of this 
ride from Casper on in would be possible, and he did say that he'd like to 
start doing the XP trail from Schellbourne in across Nevada.  It really is 
a nice trail, and we need more multidays.  A two week trip would be a lot 
easier for most people to do.  They truly have managing a huge event like 
this down to a science.  It would be great to have this trail opened up 
again for regular use, there is so much history out there.  There are other 
historical trails out there too.....I'd go ride them all so long as the 
Duck gives me the waypoints! <BG>


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