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4 H educate them

The place to start is educating the kids before you get to a show.
Most kids love their horse and do not want to cause pain. Have them all stick a stone in their shoe and go for a walk.They trust the vets and adults to make the right decision.
Make a no drug policy for your club. I didn't get a chance to grow up with 4H. I always thought it taught care of the animal.
 Sounds like it is a win at all cost mentality.
Endurance riders are some of the most educated in the horse word. They would make good guest speakers and mentors for local clubs.
I personally have a big mouth and had I been at that show would have very strongly voiced my opinion on the freezing. I would follow up with a letter to the governing body of the show and 4 H.
I have put up my money and filed a grievance. Did not make me popular with some members of our local endurance club but I sleep fine at night.

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