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Wanted - big endurance horse

Anybody out there with a nice big 15.3 hands or better arab or part bred 
arab?  I've got a buyer (man) who is a very good rider, middleweight - not 
heavy, just tall (6'2" and most of that leg) who is looking for a nice 
endurance horse he can compete in 50ies and maybe 100'reds.  Would like a 
horse with some potential, but a solid citizen with either a good start (2 
years with a couple of rides under his belt) or a record of several years of 
successful competition (not older than 10 -11) would also be considered.  
This would be an excellent home with the horse WELL cared for and he can 
afford to do the x-tras when needed, like chiropractic and adequan, etc.  He 
will also have good guidence on conditioning and competing, etc., and he is 
prepared to pay a good price for a nice horse (not in the UAE catagory 
however).  If anyone has such a horse and has to part with it or knows of 
one, e-mail me please.  Thanks DSS 

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