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Re: RC: Re: XP Ride - I am disgusted

In a message dated 8/1/01 8:40:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

That's why MANY people never post.  They feel intimidated by the
mileage gods and godesses.  Somehow it always comes down to the badge
of endurance miles and years of endurance experience in measuring
another person's knowledge.  Never mind that a few other disciplines
come into play to make a well rounded endurance horse.  Maybe we need
two Ridecamps - one for the wise and learned ones, and one for the
rest of us bumpkins.

Agreed - and as one poster wrote once, disagreement is not flaming, and in
the same vein, mileage is not knowledge. Experience it may be, but not all
experience is positive, as several horses we have/have had can attest to.
Call it a personal fetish, but in my mind, 5000 miles of poor riding skills,
happenstance success, and fortunately good horses, I find a continued lack of
DESIRE to learn, to become better HORSEMEN and women - riding ability is just
that riding ability. Anyone with any aptitude who rides long enough learns to
stick on their horse, and perhaps someone else's. But to truly CARE enough to
learn how best to help your partner flourish, know when to back off, when to
go forward, what to change, what to keep the same, and ultimately when to
call it quits for the SAKE OF YOUR PARTNER, this is a matter of heart,
instinct and education, not mileage. So, all those wit heart, instinct or
education, please continue to post.

I would feel safe in assuming that most of the people who post here have more
endurance miles than I. That is okay, since a significant part of my
"mileage" is in the classroom, the vet truck, the show ring,the breeding
barn, the schooling ring, the auction yard, and the foaling stall. One never
"knows it all", and as such, as people learn, they should share, regardless
of trail mileage or competition successes. How PROUD we become when we forget
the true mileage - the successful, aged campaigner; the middle-aged, sound
trooper; the child's mount doing his/her first 50 with our child aboard; the
youngster on his/her first competition, so trusting and attentive to us; and
finally,the example we set for juniors, beginners, for low mileage rider, for
older riders discovering new life in this sport. Member or not, Regional
contender or LD newbie, certainly the time for compassionate care and decency
in competition is due.

While sometimes we don't SAY things as they might be more gently couched in
the heat of passionately caring for the muted partners in our sport, we must
continue to saythem and weigh their import - and continue to do what is
sometimes the hard thing - call people, REAGARDLESS of mileage or reputation,
to account for abuse, benign neglect or forthright abuse. remember, the right
thing to do is often the HARDEST thing to do. in any case, we must not care
what people think of us, when we know we are right!


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