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Blood work interpretation needed from vets

A while back I wrote about one of my mares who was found on palpation by my
visiting US vet "to have more sand in her gut than he'd ever seen in a live
horse". He tubed her with mineral oil, left some ghastly oily charcoal mix
for her to get over a period of a few weeks, put her on Zantac for a month
and prescribed psyllium. Unfortunately there is no psyllium in Egypt, at
least not in the quantities that she would need, so we put her on ground
flax seed mixed with her barley. She gets about a cup a day. She is on a
diet of soaked barley, salt, bran, tibn (chopped straw of unknown origin),
fresh sorghum and corn stalks cut when they are young, and some dry berseem
(alfalfa of sorts), and carrots. She has a healthy appetite, plenty of
energy to do something that interests her like racing like a lunatic in the
desert, a very shiny coat, but she simply will not put on weight. My
Egyptian vet pulled blood and got these results:
The first number is the result and the second is the normal range according
to my well-thumbed and aging Merck.

								Range according to my Merck
Serum Creatine		1.95				.9 - 2
Serum Calcium (total)	11.90				10.4 - 13.4
Bilrubin (total)		1.76
Bilrubin (direct)		.51				Merck didn't differentiate
SGOT (AST)			345				115 - 287
SGPT (ALT)			10				2.7 - 20.5
GGT				16				2.7 -22.4
Alkaline Phosphatase	344				70.1 - 226.8
Serum Albumin		2.8				2.5 - 3.8
Serum Sodium		136				133.3 - 147.3
Serum Potassium		4.31				2.8 - 4.7

I can't interpret what these numbers mean, but they don't look right.  She
doesn't have any diarrhea or other nasty symptoms. Any ideas? Emad says that
it is as though her liver is working overtime....and no, she has not taken
up beer drinking although she loves the stuff.


Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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