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Need Support for Ride Rally on Harrisburg NOW!! No Trails no Rides!!

debbie zanot
The Ride Rally on Harrisburg PA is set for August 17,starting
at 10:30 a.m. from the Farm Show Complex 1 mile from the state
capitol.  More details at

If we can not stall the progress of the Pennsylvania Game
Commission's plan there will be no more Elk Valley Ride (NE)
no more Battle Hollow Ride (NE) (only the 2nd year for this new
and promising ride)

We need media attention to draw attention to these proposals
by the game commission to inform the Pennsylvanians who
have not heard about this yet. It seems the only source of
information has been from the PGC. Pete Johnson of the Penn
sylvania Equine Council who made an honest effort early in the
year when the news was first released by the PGC on their
website. (DUH! who has the as their favorite
website to visit?)
Pete spoke to the PEC membership but how many endurance rider
did that reach???<g> (we are NOW members)How many trail riders
belong to the PEC???? Their total membership is 3,000 and that is
mainly other horsie people like showing etc.
The local politicians did not consider this an issue because they
had no input from the people...They are getting it NOW!
They need to be continually hammered with letters calls and
We have to hammer home the message continually that TRAILS ACCESS
ARE important to us/
All I need is about 80 riders to ride in Harisburg// My friends
are already signed up to go!!!!! Come on folks this is an
opportunity to be seen as a united force...
Flood me with email ..PLEASE!!

    Check it Out!    

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