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Fwd: RC: Conflict of Interest

Hi Angie: Congratulations, you are on a team to go to the Pan Am (Not an 
AERC ride). USET does want something. They want you to WIN! Just remember 
"To Finish Is to Win" Pace your Horse to finish, even last to finish is a 
WIN. Try to Finish and we will all be proud of you. USET does not have a 
Mint to print money. Most of their budget comes from Donors, large and 
small. They want something for their buck too. Donor Pools can dry up when 
there are no Winners. Best of Luck Hope

>From: Rides 2 Far <>
>Subject: RC:  Conflict of Interest
>Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 17:04:30 -0400
> > Hi Kerry: If you read the July 2001 issue of AERC News starting on >
>page 26 > and continued on pages 55 & 56. USET provides "FREE" trips for
>only > International riders. Their bread is buttered indeed. They are the
> > ones on
> > the take. They are the only ones getting something for free.
>Um, Hope, who the heck else uses the NGB for anything? Can't AERC cover
>everything that's *not* international?  So, "International riders are on
>the take?"  Just who are these dreaded "International Riders"?  I think
>they're backyard AERC riders who stuck to their guns when they made a
>talented horse and refused to sell him. (You can bet they've had offers).
>  USET makes it possible for some of these backyard horsemen to travel and
>compete against the best in the world.  What do they get in return?
>Nothing that I know of.  Nobody has asked me for anything but I have been
>informed that USET is footing the bill for mine and my crews uniforms for
>the Pan Ams.  I really appreciate it, since I'll do well to afford the
>transportation costs up there.  If I'm "On the take" what is it that they
>want from me?  I've accepted the what have they asked of me?
>Nothing so far.  Not a penny.  Not a vote. Not a word.  On the list of
>organizations I had to join, USET was optional.  They didn't even force
>me to join, and still were going to cover my uniform costs. I'm not privy
>to inside politics, but they're looking pretty good to me.
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