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pain killers- benefits v.s risks

Hi! Liz I read your post, and sorry ride campers for double posting, but it could be important to somebody . I highly recommend  not using  Vicodin and or Alcohol while on a ride. Vicodin is a narcotic and could impair your judgement and ability to continue. (Unless you are not narcotic  naive-but that's another issue) Alcohol is dehydrating, and could also impair your judgement. Mixing Alcohol with pain killers, even Tylenol is very unhealthy. It's hard on your liver. Post ride, it's great but I avoid drinking for a couple days before a big ride, especially in real hot weather, for fear of getting dehydrated. (Well maybe a little Margueritas, but then lick extra salt. hee hee)   I have had O'douls non alcohol beer during rides, it's very high in carbohydrates, learned that on the ultra-marathon chat group!  Try to avoid Coffee/tea/ and colas also , they have a dehydrating effect. Interestingly some people use Coke (not cocaine) but the cola, during  ultramarathons because of the phosphate, but then they are "committed to it" for that event, they have to keep drinking it or get dehydrated. Bleech.   Someone else mentioned that it may not be good to take a lot of aspirin and  motrin, during a ride. It could affect your body's ability to clot. Especially if you take it often, and especially if you use a lot before a ride.  Aspirin and  Ibuprofen interfere with platelet aggregation.  You could have a bleeding problem  if you get hurt during the ride.   I usually take Tylenol (acetominophen), it is about the safest thing.
Last year, a friend turned me on to Arnica, a homeopathic remedy. It seems very helpful. I got some at the GNC health food store, and some at Ralphs grocery store.   

hope this helps someone!   Beth Glover

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