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Re: Re: Because nice counts

I agree Linda, it seems some people are just trying to see how nasty they can be.  I find that they usualy are quite meak in person.  I wonder about their emotional stability, and self esteem issues.  Annie G.
Anne George Saddlery
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From: Linda B. Merims
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 3:42 PM
Subject: RC: Re: Because nice counts

Lisa Salas <> said:

>I gotta say, some people who post on this page aren't riding enough, drinking enough,  are drinking too much or just
>plain mean. I have seen people rudely comment on "fun" things I or someone else wrote. The whole debate on the
>Olympics had someone getting very ugly about Germany and it's people. How about the poor lady who's horse had to be
>put down after an accident involving the transport company. Could some of you posters have been any crueler? She
>wasn't asking for advice, criticism, or comments. I'll bet she was sorry she ever wrote anything about it.  Now a lady
>writes about bits, which obviously she endorses one brand over others, and gets such a rude response even I was
>offended. Not every comment requires a response. To all the self proclaimed professionals, the rest of us are not
>always asking for your advice. We are just horsepeople, trying to stay in touch with other horsepeople about horse stuff.
>It is one thing to comment on things we don't have all the facts to, but the whole idea is to bring up topics and discuss
>them. Like grown-ups. Sarcasm is better left untyped but rudeness is more than intolerable. Yes, we all get emotional
>about certain issues, but you can state your case, make your argument and not be so stink'en rude to anyone who
>disagrees. Jeez, lighten up. In this small horse world, you will more than likely run into someone you blasted, flamed or
>were just plain obnoxious to in your unsolicited response . Then what will you say? Lisa Salas, The odd FARM

The paragraph is a wonderful invention.  Perhaps more than any
other device, it shows consideration for your reader and keeps
them engaged.  They are easy to make, just press the Enter
key twice.

Hope this helps!

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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